And here's another really talented guy's 12ft/3.7 meters long envelope....

Use a rolling heat-sealer or a household iron (see FAQ page)

and make your own designs!

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He used my Silver 37 3/4" film made by Glenroy, Inc. (WI, USA) and used the shiny side inside and the heatsealable side on the outside, to give a matte appearance. 


The picture (left) is my film which was used to make one of the 3,000 custom (arrow) balloons created for the You Are Here art exhibition in 2015. (


All the film I sell is heat-sealable and easily!

I'm amazed at the creativity and mastery that's out there !  :)

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Minimum order:  10 yards

All my film is heat-sealable and all the photos are pictures of my film or made using my film.   

Please note:  Film ordered by the yard will be gently folded and mailed in a USPS Priority Mail box, and provides the best protection to the film, and it's the best price domestically and internationally. 

44" width - $3.50/yard - Colors: gold, yellow, purple, red, orange, lavender, white, dark blue, light blue, pink, dark green, light green, turquoise (Made in China)  BTW, this photo is my film & colors  - see the bottom of FAQ page for all film thickness measurements and more about PlantWrapz.

37 3/4" width - $3.75/yardColor: silver (Made in the USA by Glenroy, Inc. .48 MIL METALIZED BIAX NYLON .65 MIL LLDPE)

28" width: -$ 1.50/yard  Color: silver with white stripes (left), gold with silver stripes (not shown), , or honeysuckle pink (left).  All 28" film has black ink logo on under side of the film every 28" - and is shown on honeysuckle pink roll here)

Check out the thorough review of my film on a niche airship modellers forum!  There's lots of information including how to make a valve.  Start post/comment #27 through #34 

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Also selling full rolls - (see the About page) 

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