Used for Art exhibits This one in Lithuania, Odysseus Atlas

See the video: 

Also selling full rolls & partial rolls

Partial rolls vary in price and determined by how much is left on the roll.  Email me for current inventory on-hand.

Film by Fluffy Scarsdale

The Largest Private Source for Metalized Balloon Film in the World

2 widths, in any length desired

All my film is metallized balloon film which is heat-sealable:   

  • $4.50/yard    44" width - Colors: gold, yellow, purple, red, orange, lavender, white, dark blue, light blue, pink, dark green, light green, turquoise (44" film is all made in China - actual film & colors are seen in the photo to the right) Please note, the White film looks more gray than white in person) 

  • $2.50/yard  28" width:  Colors: silver with white stripes, gold with silver stripes, and honeysuckle pink (all 28" film is made by Glenroy, Inc. in WI, USA and has my logo on the underside (heat-sealable side) in the center every 28 inches.  My logo can't be see from the metalized/colored side).

Film by Fluffy, The Queen of Film

  • Heat-sealable, Metalized balloon film
  • Selling yards or rolls of it. 
  • I've got all the colors and 2 different widths see above in those two pictures

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