44" film, made in China

       Film by Fluffy, The Queen of Film

The only private source of Metallised / Metalized balloon film in the world. 

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High Altitude Balloon reached 37,000 feet!

Check out this YouTube video of Tom Medlin, making a high altitude balloon using my (white) 44" film for one of his high altitude balloon flights. The balloon he made held the gas overnight without leakage and when he launched it the next day the balloon (with electronics payload in tow) reached an altitude of 37,000 feet! 

44" wide film:    $4.50 per yard

  • 11 Colors: gold, yellow, purple, orange, lavender, white, dark blue, pink, dark green, light green, turquoise (film & colors are seen in the photo.  Please note, the White film looks more gray than white in person 

28" wide film:  $2.50 per yard 

  • 3 Colors: silver with white stripes, gold with silver stripes, and honeysuckle pink (all 28" film is made by Glenroy, Inc. in WI, and has my logo printed on the underside (heat-sealable side) in the center every 28 inches.  My logo can't be see from the metalized/colored side.

28" film, made in USA

Film by Fluffy Scarsdale

The Largest Private Source for Metalized Balloon Film in the World

2 widths of film available (44"and 28") in any length desired.
Film is .001" thick (one thousand's of an inch thick)
All my film is metallized balloon film which easily heat-sealable: 

Used for Art exhibits This one in Lithuania, Odysseus Atlas

See the video: https://www.odysseusatlas.com/54-39-24-n-25-2-21-e