• How is payment made?  I will send you an email detailing all costs (film, shipping, tax, etc) and invoice when your order is ready to ship. We are ONLY accepting crypto payments. Please see the contact page for which cryptos are accepting.

  • What's Fluffy doing with miles of balloon film anyway? I invented a product called I called PlantWrapz - gift wrap for a potted plant.  I even wrote my own provisional patent and figured out how use a wooden mandrel as a form and put an elastic band inside the seam of the balloon foil and viola!  Anyway, I couldn't find any balloon film anywhere.  I needed heat-sealable balloon foil but I found out you had to buy a lot of it to get any of it!   So I did. Then the patent office shut down when the government shut down several years ago and during the shut down I ran out of time.  Now I have literally miles of film and I'm liquidating, and making this film available (in small quantities) to everyone anywhere.  I love seeing others' creativity using it too.       

Film Thickness Measurements

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Film by Fluffy Scarsdale

Film is .001" thick

(one thousand's of an inch thick)

What temperature and what tool to use?  Here is the response from one of the guys who made the airships on my home page, with mastery over this material:

"Hi Fluffy,
I use a soldering iron, with a sheet of baking paper between the iron and the film. I use an iron temperature at 450 F, but but it depends on the iron tip geometry, substrate conductivity and other things; set your own temperature by trial and error. I did make a roller tool attachment to my soldering iron, but I found it unreliable, I suspect due to temperature variations; the further the tip is from the temp sensor the more of a problem this will be.  Hope that helps "

Still have questions? 

Just e-mail me, I'll get back to you quickly. 

  • Do you ship internationally?  Yes, and I fill out the customs forms too.
  • How long does it take to ship my order? Once I get your order, I will get your order pulled, measured, packaged and ready to ship within a day.  Once I take it to the US Post Office it's out of my control but you will be provided a tracking number so you may monitor your shipment via the USPS (United State Post Office)

  • How much does it cost to ship? It depends whether you are domestic, or international.  I'm shipping from Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.  I use USPS Priority Mailing box or a Priority Flat Rate box that comes with insurance and a tracking number. 
  • Can you use a common iron to heat-seal the filmYes, you can use a household iron to heat-seal the film.  I have done it and here's the pictures featuring my 44" wide yellow metalized balloon film.

Film by Fluffy Scarsdale

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