Film Thickness Measurements

44" Wide - Made in China:

  • Gold             .0175
  • Yellow          .0160
  • Purple          .0170
  • Red              .0170
  • Orange         .0175
  • Lavender      .0185
  • White           .0170
  • Dark Blue     .0180
  • Light Blue    .0170
  • Pink             .0175
  • Dark Green  .0170
  • Light Green  .0170
  • Turquoise    .0175
  • Do you ship internationally?  Yes, and I fill out the customs forms too.
  • How long does it take to ship my order? Once I get your order, I will get your order pulled, measured, packaged and ready to ship within a day.  Once I take it to the US Post Office it's out of my control but you will be provided a tracking number so you may monitor your shipment via the USPS (United State Post Office)

  • How much does it cost to ship? It depends whether you are domestic, or international.  I'm shipping from Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A.  I use USPS Priority Mail box or large tear-proof polyethylene mailing envelope, whatever fits best and depending on how far it is going.   To give you some examples of shipping costs:  I shipped 130 yards (9lbs 3 oz) to Canada and it cost $62.55.   I shipped 45 yards (a little over 3 pounds) to Australia, it cost $52.75  I asked the Post Office how much it would cost to send the same 45 yards package to Hong Kong and it's also $52.75. 
  • Can you use a common iron to heat-seal the filmYes, you can use a household iron to heat-seal the film.  I have done it and here's the pictures featuring my 44" wide yellow metalized balloon film.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Metalized Balloon Film by Fluffy

The Largest Private Source for Metalized Balloon Film in the World

37 3/4" " Wide - Made in WI, USA by Glenroy, Inc.:
  • Silver         .0170

28" Wide - Made in WI, USA by Glenroy, Inc.(underside has Fluffy's logo printed)

  • Honeysuckle Pink         .0160
  • Silver w/White Stripes   .0165
  • Gold w/Silver Stripes    .0170
  • How is payment made?  I will send you an invoice when your order is ready to ship. If we're using PayPal,  I will pass along the Pay Pal fees which are 2.9% of the total amount (shipping amount included) plus 35 cents.  We can also use Apple Pay if you have it, or you could send a money order.   Now also accepting Venmo

  • What's Fluffy doing with miles of balloon film anyway? I invented a product called I called PlantWrapz - gift wrap for a potted plant.  I even wrote my own provisional patent and figured out how use a wooden mandrel as a form and put an elastic band inside the seam of the balloon foil and viola!  Anyway, I couldn't find any balloon film anywhere.  I needed heat-sealable balloon foil but I found out you had to buy a lot of it to get any of it!   So I did. Then the patent office shut down when the government shut down several years ago and during the shut down I ran out of time.  Now I have literally miles of film and I'm liquidating, and making this film available (in small quantities) to everyone anywhere.  I love seeing others' creativity using it too.       

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Film by Fluffy Scarsdale